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Nov 10, 2012 5:30am PST
of lessons learned being applied. first to my left, ray chaney, cal fire incident battle xwrupb chief. to his left, colonel laura yeager, 40th combat aviation brigade. to her left, commander steve everett, to his left lieutenant colonel dana, marine corps installation west. thank you. let me go ahead and start off by talking a little bit and just going back over some of the discussions yesterday that i think are going to play into this discussion. we had vice admiral beeman talk a little bit yesterday about capabilities and vice admiral zunkoff talked about partnerships, unity of effort, unity of command. mayor lee talked about dod efforts, expertise, community efforts and as we go into all those discussions today you will see best practices applied during the 10 years from those fires. i have the pleasure of working for administrator fuget in fema headquarters. fema's role is to coordinate response between state and local governments and his focus, his direction to us really comes down it 3 things. he asks us to always plan for the worst case, the maximum of the maximums and it'
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am EST
after sandy struck, kathleen chaney was surveying damage near the beach when her 14-year-old son patrick spotted the stack. you knew what they were? >> i watched enough romance at movies. yeah, i just knew. >> reporter: the letters seemed to be in bad shape. >> they were pretty wet and really sandy. i had to kind of dust them off. >> reporter: but after drying by the fireplace, chaney was finally able to read them. 56 handwritten love letters addressed to a darling lynn, signed by your loving dot. the letters didn't just withstand sandy but time. they were written 70 years ago. post marked in the '40s. some penned during world war ii. >> my love, i miss you more than words can say. my darling lynn, guess this is about the third letter i've written to you today. >> reporter: touched by the love story, chaney began looking for dottie and lynn online. this week 200 miles away in virginia shelly farnham hill bert got chaney's message about the letters on a geneology website and immediately knew it was the story of her aunt dottie and uncle lynn. >> they were always affectionate towards each
Nov 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
in an alert stat us so we're prepared to respond in an attack mode. i don't often work with chief chaney in southern california, about a month ago we had 9 aircraft at our peak working fires throughout northern california if that answers your question. >> any other responses? >> i wanted to touch -- can you hear me now? i wanted to touch on that last topic as far as the command control because what we have here in the marine corps is similar to the navy. we have the installation, the regional installation command and also partners with the operational foresite. we allow the operational foresight, we maintain those but then we coordinate, cooperate, with the operational foresight once the call comes in for support. so we're able to do that obviously through memorandum of understandings and we have agreements and our wing operating orders allow for the fact the operational control, at least under operational response, maintains with the operators. the third aircraft wing maintains operational control but we send our operatives out to be controlled by the civic sight. we're comfortable
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Nov 25, 2012 11:00am PST
can respond to sister chaney about this. one idea that was floated this week is for top earners to pay instead of raising the top are marginal rate they had pay that top rate now on every dollar they make. let's put up the graphic on the screen to explain it. instead of now you pay 10% of the top 17,000, so many thousand you pay 15%. the idea is instead you would pay 35% on all income from zero to whatever you made, if you were making over $250,000. good idea? >> not particularly. i asked someone on the hill about it and they said no we realize that's not a good idea. the republicans are trying not to raise the top rate while trying to produce more revenues and produce more for the wealthy since they're scared of being accused of attacking the middle class. i don't care if we want to find a complicated way to get more revenues. it's easier for give in on the top rate but they've made that a matter of dag ma and i'm not going to break my sword on that. what's the one tax rate going up january 1st that no one's talking about? the payroll tax. remember that? it was cut from 12 to 10%. i g
Nov 20, 2012 7:00am EST
general james chaney? i have asked this in military audiences and nobody knows the answer. predecessorhower's as the american commander in england. george marshall fired him and he ended the war commanding a big camp in wichita falls. if you have accountability, if you have a system that rewards success, then people understand the structure and they try to be successful. if you have a system that is somewhat politicized with bureaucratic politics, if you do not stick your head up, do your rotation, keep your nose clean, and moved along, then you toward mediocrity. nobody takes risks and the war never ends. that is kind of what we have now. we have a problem in that congress does not know how to recognize military effectiveness anymore. in vietnam war, two-thirds of the members of congress had military experience. today, more than two-thirds do not. as a nation, as a political elite, and the media, people do not know how to recognize military competence. so the generals are left on the their own. frequently, the generals do not know either what military competence looks lik
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)